Meditating Upon The Truth About Reality

Date: January 16th, 2020 3:30 AM

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The following are some thoughts based on some notes written down based on my thoughts regarding this subject several months ago:


  • Reality is, at the end of the day, a mixture of truth and lies transmitted across generations and individuals over time.
  • Reality is subjective and everyone's point of view is relative to each other.
  • Truth is multifaceted. There are always at least three sides: one's side, another's side, and the truth.
  • Emotional intelligence is key to understanding the worlds around us— and within us..
  • Even things that don't change much within our lifetimes will change someday.


  • Fuzzy logic is more accurate relative to the truth than binary logic is.
  • Social upheaval defines new normals.
  • The universe does not run on logic alone.
  • Logical does not necessarily equal correct, and correct does not necessarily equal logical.


  • Legal acknowledgement and enforcement shape a society— not truth. Truth does not always shape legal acknowledgment & enforcement.
  • They muddy the water to make it look deep when it's shallow & easy to see the truth laid bare.
  • Lack is artificial and human-made to serve a specific purpose.
  • There is a state that is always trying to control you in one way or another.
  • Money makes the human world go round only because we have created it to be that way over many centuries..
  • There will always be someone who disagrees with you.
  • There will always be someone who agrees with you.
  • Nothing is above mockery, but that's no excuse for purposefully being an asshole. If you're going to be an asshole, own up to it.
  • Individuals can be smart, but people as a whole are quite stupid and gullible.
  • There will always be those for change and those against change. These opposites make the world as we know it go round.
  • Consider always the raw inherent power of familiarity, it is more powerful than people know.


  • It really is best to trust your gut instinct/intuition. It may not be a perfect option, but it is your best option.
  • Plan ahead and leave lots of wiggle room. Be prepared.
  • Text-based communication is best as it gives you a clear record that can be referenced later.
  • Life is inherently meaningless, the only meaning that matters is the meaning we make ourselves. Therefore: enjoy life, and endow everything with your own meaning.

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