Welcome To Project Zeitgeist

Hi there! Welcome to Project Zeitgeist. A few things you need to know before you read any further...

♥ This blog is written and produced by Anastasia Valentine of Celestial Pearl Productions. But any guest authors, quotations & media produced by others will always have a crediting link.

♥ Each blog entry is connected with a link to the one that came before it, as well as to social media outlets where commentation & discussion can take place regarding the entry.

♥ Certain things from this blog can be found in the form of merchandise on The Emporium, including t-shirts and stationery.

♥ This website is written in American English, but thanks to Google Translate it can be read by people all over the world. Each blog entry has a Google widget where the reader can choose their preferred language. This may not be a perfect or even an accurate translation, however, so use it only as a guide.

♥ PZ’s website design is deeply symbolic. The static, or noise of our lives, fades into the background as a clearer, brighter understanding emerges in the foreground from within a golden box filled with white light and colored pixels. The blog is always changing, demonstrating impermanence.

♥ I do my best to appropriately label & separate fact, fiction, speculation and opinion. Pay attention to context or contact me if you are unsure about anything.

♥ Have fun! If you like what you read and see, adventure on! If you don’t like it - adventure on!