About Anastasia Valentine

I’m an artist, writer, and designer living in my native land of Denver, Colorado with my best friend BILLY C. and our little white pitbull Princess. I am also a philosopher, a scholar, an anarchist, a hedonist, and a solitary witch.

Once upon a time I fell down a rabbit hole and found myself born here on planet Earth- the place where the wild things roam. Life is quite mysterious, yet I think it is amazing that we live on such a beautiful planet surrounded by stars, plants, and animals. Nature is wonderful and alive in ways we can comprehend anytime.

I used to make a living working in Colorado’s newly legalized marijuana industry for one of the largest most sophisticated dispensaries in the nation, distributing green psychoactive flowers towards patients and people with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I also used to grow beautiful, potent marijuana plants with my best friend in our own little secret garden for awhile. These experiences changed my life for the better, but eventually I had to come to grips with the facts: working for other people just isn’t my cup of tea, and tending to an ongoing marijuana garden was another full-time job distracting me from tending to my real dreams with Celestial Pearl Productions. At this point in my life I am madly in love with the sacred cannabis plant and make daily use of its natural medicine, as I maintain due reverence for entheogens & psychonautics in general. I don’t believe in making war on drugs, I believe in teaching people to respect them & utilize them responsibly.

So I started the Ten Years, a transformative sacred decade of my life that began on my Golden Birthday (January 29th, 2015).

I used to think that life was mostly about suffering, but I don’t believe that at all anymore. Life is supposed to be fun, and we are all meant to enjoy it! It wasn’t that long ago that I was able to overcome the depressing suicidal ideation that had plagued me for years of my life, and now I see the world with new eyes: my own. Nowadays I am devoted to learning and living the truth as I know it, finding all the best ways to be alive and sharing them with people like You. I’ve learned that I don’t have to purposefully lie, cheat or steal in order to get ahead, and I do not have to betray myself in order to live well. I wouldn’t trade this knowledge for bricks of gold.

By outliving my own expiration date and following my heart, I have learned what makes people tick, lived in a nudist resort, thrown rave parties in an art gallery, taught myself calculus, magick and programming, built websites, and kept an ongoing marijuana garden alive & thriving for two years. Caring for nothing mundane, I am in a constant pursuit of adventure, wisdom, and new experiences. I created Project Zeitgeist and Celestial Pearl so there will always be a place for me to shine.

I adore music, art, rainbows, dabs, flowers, crystals, parties, numbers, gifts, friends, and flowing water. Sometimes I talk like a waterfall and sometimes I don’t talk at all. I’m a socially awkward penguin who enjoys soaking up the atmosphere & people-watching before mingling with others. I am one of the noble kind, I believe in honor, self-actualization, and law of attraction. I want to be a polymath while I grow up. When the world ends, I’ll be chillin’ laid back with a margarita on my lips.

I’m The Valentine. I’m a living goddess & humanity’s fairy godmother. I just am what I am. And I cannot wait to meet YOU!


P.S. I'm always somewhere doing something! But you can always contact me HERE!

updated September 2016