About Project Zeitgeist

HELLO THERE, DEAR READER! You have entered another world, a special space with much to explore. In here life is beautiful and there are always good times to be had. Come stay awhile and allow me to show you a way to live with stars in your eyes…

Welcome to Project Zeitgeist, a photoblog devoted to beauty, lifestyle design, personal evolution, creativity and philosophy of all kinds. It is a digital journalistic scrapbook documenting the life, times and ideas of fairy godmother ANASTASIA VALENTINE (that is Me! You can find out more about me HERE). This blog is also a world-wide theater, an online magazine, an exploration device, and a storytelling machine. My own life story, my autobiography, will be written here. In here you will be able to find a new school of thought known as syncretism, a form of spiritual & political consciousness based upon subjective choice and inclusion. No subject is considered taboo here. Self-actualization is the name of this game.

But what exactly IS Project Zeitgeist? It is a mode of locomotion, a way of being in the world. The German word “Zeitgeist” comes from the words “Zeit” (time) & “Geist” (spirit). Your zeitgeist is the spirit of the time of your life, and it is embodied in the actions, qualities, ideas and beliefs that you possess. Our zeitgeist can be shaped creatively throughout every moment of our lives, and that is what this blog is all about: good livin’! I want to spend the time of my life having the time of my life, and I want my spirit to be a joyful one; so I have risen, and continue to rise, from the ashes of despair, & now I swim merrily in life’s river of love, enticing others with my song.

“Live the life you love and love the life you live!”

Project Zeitgeist began circa 2012 when I needed my own creative outlet and personal output channel in order to be happy. It is the first brainchild of my magnum opus enterprise, Celestial Pearl Productions. I blog for posterity, for self-expression, for passion, and one day, for money. I want to add to the world in an extraordinary way, so my wish is to create high-quality content that is deeply honest, positive, & inspiring in nature, things that will continue providing value long after my own death. The world needs people who have come alive, and this website exists because it makes me come alive. Somebody’s got to hold the guiding light, and nobody can do it quite like I can!

We can all enter heaven alive, and that’s what this blog is really about. Because heaven is not a place or a time, but a state of mind achievable anytime by anyone. Life is not just a dream or an illusion, it’s an eternal work in progress. That will always be a part of our story. I say: Let’s Evolve Together!


P.S. I'm always somewhere doing something! But you can always contact me HERE!

updated September 2016