Pearlian Anarchism

Date: January 22nd, 2023 8:05 AM

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I don't remember exactly how I became aware of anarchism— it was probably mentioned in passing during one of my classes in middle school, and definitely was not presented as a philosophy to be taken seriously. But as I have learned more and more about anarchist thought throughout the years, new anarchist ideas frequently dawned upon me, and eventually I realized that my perspective of anarchism differed from all the others. For me, anarchism is so much more than just a political philosophy— it is a metaphysical, ontological, epistemological, and even deeply spiritual philosophy, something inherent in nature itself. If there is a God, then It is an anarchist. Existence itself is a form of anarchy in that it has developed without central direction, because existence is sustained without being controlled. The only rule that truly exists is "Anything Goes". This means that anything can be, including laws, and anything can be true, including contradictions. This is obviously very different from what Aristotle taught us is the case, yet nevertheless it is based upon my own observations and my own internal sense of logic. Unlike him, I am not convinced our universe is entirely rational.

Anarchism is the most natural form of government. It requires no effort on our part (or consent for that matter) to implement or maintain, it just IS. Anarchism does not exist within a world of governments; governments exist within aa world of anarchism. All governments naturally come from anarchism, and all governments naturally return to anarchism. It is itself neither good or evil, but it allows both good and evil, and so it can be said that anarchism is both good and evil, although it never takes sides. There is not just one right way (besides the Tao), there are many right ways (each one came from the Tao). It allows for all sorts of arrangements within reality via domination-and-submission relationships. Anarchism is dynamic, holistic, omnipresent, and holographic freedom. It is essentially the embodiment of the "live and let live" philosophy taken to a cosmic level.

"Live the life you love and love the life you live" is the cornerstone of Pearlian anarchism. Such anarchists do not become perturbed by the existence of opposites and contradictions since they understand such things are a natural part of our universe. They know who they are and they have their boundaries; they make their own choices & let others make theirs. A Pearlian anarchist makes sure they themselves become the change they want to see in the world by changing themselves instead of changing others. They are aware of others around them but not necessarily beholden to them. They embrace both life and death, good and evil, and strive to not take sides unless their inner gnosis compels them to do so. They constantly see the universe with fresh eyes every day the sun rises and sets. Their curiosity is endless, their appetite for wisdom insatiable, and their resolve is ultimately unbreakable. If it exists, they can have a say about it. A Pearlian anarchist may choose to refrain from political engagement while engaging in political commentary or analysis (whether this is hypocritical or not is irrelevant to them because their life's work is too important to be weighed down by public opinion). They know that while acts of violence and trickery aren't forbidden, they are avoided as much as possible because to engage in such activities is to undermine the careful crafting of TRUST, the most important thing in the whole wide world.

Whatever the rest of the world may believe about anarchism, the Pearlian anarchist knows that to be true to themselves is a beautiful and natural thing.

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