Reflecting Upon My Artwork Journey

Date: January 18th, 2023 10:57 AM

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dislodged eyeball probed with needles

This was the first digital painting I ever completed, made circa 2009 without a pen tablet, when I was taking classes in neuroscience. Not bad for a first try, but there's certainly lots of room for improvement.

I have been drawing ever since I was a kid. My artistic journey was stunted at certain times in my life, but it is closer to thriving now than ever before. I desperately want to show the rest of the world the vast domain of beauty, wonder, humour and horror that lives in my mind, and that means I have to become a great artist, no matter how many years or decades it may take for me to get there. I know I have a long way to go, but I am so excited for it. I have come a long way already, though. So I figured it was time to meditate upon my artistic strengths & weaknesses.


  • I can select & mix colors better than ever; skin looks much more alive & believable.
  • Shading & gradations are much smoother.
  • Making use of backgrounds rather than just characters in white spaces— because of this, my composition has improved.
  • I can use layers much more effectively than I used to. Also, now I can use the transformative tools the pros use.
  • I paint at 600 DPI now instead of 300 or 72 (yuck).
  • My artwork looks more realistic than ever before— no longer simply graphical black lines.
  • My human anatomy in drawing has greatly improved, people look less cartoonish now.
  • I finish images more often & more completely than I ever used to before.
  • The subject matter is generally much more meaningful to me nowadays. I'm drawing less fanart and more OCs.
  • I'm happier with the images I make now.


  • My images can be less static & more dynamic, showing/indicating movement.
  • I can use more complicated compositions & backgrounds.
  • I should continue working on drawing human anatomy in a variety of poses & from a variety of angles.
  • My drawings of hair, especially moving hair, needs a lot of work.
  • I want to use more varied skin colors, including unreal ones (like blue skin).
  • Practice using more characters in one image & make their interaction believable.
  • Facial expressions need work.
  • Eyes are frequently too big on characters.
  • Chiascuro— I can work more on values before adding color.
  • Finishing what I start.
  • Working at a quicker, more focused pace.
  • Work on several sketch ideas at a time, put aside for later use— choose one to work on as needed.
  • Could use more framing techniques such as borders.
  • Taking the time to create a sketch first instead of making it up as I go along.
  • Improve drawing of organic things (like trees) and inorganic things (like cars).
  • Try sketching things from life more often.
  • Try meditating upon the image I'm creating for a minute or two every time I sit down to create, before I begin.
  • Start with subject matter that means something to me, to keep my interest throughout the artistic process from start to finish.

aquarius symbol

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