My Life: June 2022

Date: June 5th, 2022 9:33 PM

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Tomorrow I start a new job in a new field. Never really saw myself getting into marketing before, but since Josh started over a month ago at a new company I’ve heard mostly good things about them, and I’ve decided to join the team too. I loved my job watering plants at the nursery, and I thought about working at a different, more professional nursery— but Josh then pitched me the idea of joining the marketing company and I started to think seriously about how such a trajectory could influence my personal development. I thought ‘why not try it out and see how it goes?’ and reminded myself that if it turns out I hated it I can always find a nursery to go work in. However, the job marketing tech (I’ll be selling cell phones) will force me to work with people and solve problems on the fly— two weak links in my own personal development. I also have the potential to earn a LOT more income than a nursery (or any other job I’ve had before) would pay me, which will allow me to build a better future for my beloved family. And that’s what really matters.

Speaking of beloved family, the three of us went on a hike in a state park near Castle Rock yesterday. I mismanaged the water supply spectacularly: first I put too much in the medusa‘s bowl when I gave her a drink, then later on I lost the water bottle in the woods somehow and only noticed later when I realized I wasn’t carrying it anymore. We accidentally followed an animal trail and got lost for a minute, but we found the actual trail again not long afterwards. We ended up tired and thirsty towards the finish, but we had a great time. Josh, with his super-ultra-mega-five-camera-brand-new-cell phone, took some truly amazing pictures of the landscape scenes we saw along the way. Even when he zoomed way in, the pictures were still sharp and crystal clear. It was a lovely hike, and Josh and I had a lovely dinner at Italian restaurant that made their own mozzarella cheese. We drank red wine and talked about how beautiful the day had been. Medusa was absolutely pooped. We all had an excellent time refreshing ourselves.

So here I am, entering yet another new chapter of my life, working side-by-side with Josh at yet another job. But this time we will be working together at a place far better than the previous jobs. This will be an opportunity for the both of us to become rich while making people happy. It even sounds like we will be on the same team in the office-- which I am thrilled about, because my entire life I’ve been separated from my friends when it came to work environments. Now, Josh and I will have the opportunity to show others how well we work together in professional settings, despite being romantically involved-- and we won’t have to hide our romantic involvement, either. I foresee a very nice future in front of us .

The end of the tunnel is looking mighty bright after all.

Weird Trivia About Me: I have been more or less of a recluse since at least 2012.

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