My Life: January 2022

Date: January 16th, 2022 9:42 AM

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On a recent jaunt through Second Life, I found a beautiful realm known as Glass Slipper and fell in love with it.

Happy New Year!! Well, solar new-year, anyways. It's time for another trip around the Sun, and I can't wait to see what this newest trip brings to the world. Things have gotten crazier in the past several years, and I think things are only about to get even crazier. But life has been good to ME— in fact, my life is better now than ever before, and I feel so thankful for it. I achieved two major goals in 2021: I changed jobs and moved into a new home. I also started a new romantic relationship that I am quite thrilled about. I feel so blessed to be living in this fresh, new life-space. A brand new chapter of my life has begun, and it is off to an excellent start.

As always, I have an excess of ideas and inspiration to keep me busy this year. I really want to start finishing old projects that have been going for years, and I want to improve my skills as both an artist and a writer. The first step for me is not defeating myself before I begin an important task just because I know it will not be perfect. And I need to reaffirm the importance of my own dreams in creating a happy future for myself. No more diminishing my dreams to make way for life! My life now has to cater to my dreams, and my ultimate vision that I want to bring to the world. I don't know if I'll build a successful career or not, but these are things I have to do anyways to keep myself alive. And now that I'm happy to be alive, I have so many things I want to do and become. I can see Anna-Phoenix coming into focus in the distance. For now I am plenty happy with my transformation from a bug to a butterfly. It's not over yet, but only just beginning!!

I have some new goals for this year— pretty much the sum of all goals I haven't achieved yet. Setting up a studio in my new bedroom and updating my websites are major ones. I'm about 60% finished with a new painting for my new Project Zeitgeist blog logo and a new golden border as well. Celestial Pearl needs a lot of love and could definitely use a new design. I've mentioned I want to finish projects I've already started, and two that stand out are my autobiography and the FUOAZ videogame. I also would really like to tell the full story of the Beautyverse, since I've been faithfully crafting it for many years now. These are all part of an even bigger dream I've had for years: to become self-employed. This year I'd like to rekindle my dedication to my self-employment journey while still keeping my night job. I know I have a lot of research, work and self-healing to do before I reach that point, so I'm not gonna try to make it happen this year— but I can continue to lay the foundation for it to happen one day!

Aside from my life's work, I also simply want to cultivate a deeper sense of joy and fun in my life. I want to work hard, but I want to play harder. I want to pay more attention to the things that genuinely make me a better human being. These things I'm talking about include travel, journaling, cooking & baking, consuming more fiction, playing with my dog more meaningfully, purging things I don't need, creating media on the fly, and celebrating the milestones of my life with an aura of reverence.

Having said all of that, a small update of my life-status is in order, so I can round out the snapshot of my current zeitgeist just a bit more: Medusa is doing well, although I'm ashamed my recent agoraphobic tendencies have prevented me from taking her out to play as much as I'd really like to. She's still a nervous girl, so I think I'm going to purchase some calming herbal drops to help her relax more easily. She still follows me from room to room in the house, still barks at new strangers in the house, still sleeps in the bed like a cinderblock, and still freaks out with joy every time I arrive home from work or errands as though she thought she'd never see me again. When I leave for work, she sulks and avoids me like a mopey teenager. But we're both always so happy to see each other again every time we reunite after a separation. We really are each other's emotional support creatures.

More of Valentine in the Glass Slipper realm.

As far as the political climate goes, what can I really say that will accurately capture even a modicum of the insanity that has consumed my country? I thought people were insufferable before the pandemic of 2020, but COVID19 has brought out even more of the worst in human society and shined a spotlight upon it. Everbody seems to hate each other more than ever before. I read in an article somewhere, "political dischord has calcified into political hatred", or something like that, and I couldn't have chosen better words to describe the whole situation myself. I keep myself informed of the news these days, but I don't allow myself to become inundated by the media anymore. I don't read much of Twitter anymore, I don't even follow anyone there, I just use the account to post random thoughts and rants so I can get them out of my head, or to remember interesting articles I find on the Internet. Lately I have been using it to check out the artwork of some majorly proficient digital artists, particularly erotic illustrators. I have become so inspired once again by the beautiful imagery other people have created, that I have become even more passionate about creating my own. The world around me may be crumbling and decaying, but I still manage to find the beauty of the world every day. My personal bubble is an excellent blessing.

I still have no contact with my biological family members. It's still the best life decision I've ever made for myself, sad though the necessity may be. There's no need to talk, because we don't want to talk to each other. Each of us finds the other so cringe that we can't even make contact, it's so painful. Our values are very different, and we don't even share the same beliefs regarding reality. Oh well. Some people are simply easier to love from a distance.

I feel really happy with my own life, though. Although nothing is ever perfect, everything is beginning to fall into place. I feel like a root-bound plant that has been transferred to a bigger pot, and now has so much room to grow. I'm feeling very optimistic about the future, in spite of everything going on with everyone else. My body feels good, I've been eating nutritious food these days, and staying fairly hydrated, and mostly taking my meds. I hope 2022 is a good year. And so our journey around the Sun continues...

Weird Trivia About Me: I love both real flowers and fake flowers. I just love flowers!

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