Thrice Thoughts I

Date: November 21st, 2021 8:36 PM

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Everything is different now.
Something has changed within the fabric of reality—
That grand, old thing we call home,
It has changed within us.
I meant to make the change—
I am glad I made the change—
But I never once expected I would feel like THIS.
From this vantage point I can see so much farther,
So clearly do I notice it all now,
That a certain sadness overtakes my heart.
It is a heaviness which endures in reality forever
But because it does endure
Its opposite must also endure
In this we have eternal hope and eternal hopelessness.


It hasn't always been so black-and-white.
The world used to live in color— or so I hear it did.
Everyone seems to think it was better in the past,
Better when we could walk through the gardens of our minds without shame,
Better when we saw the world with all the colors of the rainbow.
Those days are long gone now— or are they?
They're still out there somewhere
Hiding inside a world of doubt
Invisible to our seeking souls
Until the light shines for just a moment a split second before we die—
Better when we are thrown into the pit of non-being
Where the colors always mix to form something new
And those colors won't ever fade
They are inside of us, marinating in the promise of rebirth
Until the moment that we find it
It's too late for us now,
But one day we will try again.


Every tiny bit of time has an anti-time,
And because divinity is all
That is why there is no time in the realm of the gods.
All that we know is bound by time— but we don't know much at all.
In the realms of time,
There is an absence of morality and yet an abundance of moral professions,
But in the realms of anti-time,
There is an abundance of morality and yet an absence of moral professions.
Divinity smiles, knowing such things are what makes the Universe tick.
Although timeless,
It creates spiritual electricity through the circuit of these two realms.

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