My Latest Great Questions

Date: October 13th, 2020 8:33 AM

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I'm always asking questions. I always have been, and probably always will. I question everything. I question authority above all. I feel it would be reckless and stupid of me, an intensely curious and noble individual, to not ask questions. I really like to ask the big, meaningful questions the most.

Here's a list of some of the great questions I've been asking myself lately:

  • Does having a high vibration mean that you HAVE to ignore half of reality in order to maintain it?
  • Does fake kindness help heal or hurt?
  • Does choosing your happiness make you a bad person?
  • What is badness, anyways? Is it objective or subjective?
  • Is it possible to thrive in goodness while remaining untouched by badness?
  • Do we truly have responsibilities towards those less fortunate than us?
  • Do we truly have responsibilities at all?
  • Are we all really imposters?
  • Can people deserve money? Can people deserve poverty?
  • Does ignoring the things we don't like really make a better world?
  • What happens when reality shows us we're wrong? What happens when we ignore that we're wrong?
  • Do the things we choose to ignore always come back to us later?
  • Is there really such a thing as right-and-wrong, or is it all just wildly different systems of chaos and order?
  • Has evil already won? Does goodness ever really win?
  • Are opinions reflections of the Truth?
  • Is justice real or imaginary? How is it made?
  • Does the universe reward and punish or is it all just random strokes of fate?
  • Does a god or gods make the rules, or do humans make the rules?
  • Do goodness and badness emanate froom the same source?
  • Is anything actually correct?
  • Can world peace even exist?
  • Is evil necessary for good? Is good necessary for evil?
  • If something is one way and yet we want it to be another way, can we change it? SHOULD we change it?
  • Is reality even real, or is this all some kind of dream?
  • Is science really the final arbiter of Truth? Can there even BE a final arbiter of Truth?
  • Is science corrupted by money? Is it corrupted by bias?
  • Can science truly inform us of what is real? If nothing is real, then how would science know it? How would science tell us about it?
  • We know people aren't perfect, not even scientists— but is science itself perfect?

Now, some of these questions are tongue-in-cheek, and I already know the answer to them. Others are genuine questions I have about the world. But all of them stem from things I've been thinking a lot about these days.

Tags: Metaphysics, Philosophy, Ontology


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