Occupy Yourself: Politics Are Poison

Date: October 4th, 2020 7:10 AM

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I've never been a fan of politics. If you read to the end of this document, you'll be able to understand why.

There are many definitions of politics, and they all have to do with GOVERNMENT: the practice of it, examples of it, and consequences of it. I'll admit I'm no expert in the matter— and I'll never want to be one— but I have been paying attention to the things happening around me throughout the years I've been alive, and so I've learned some things which have connected some dots for me that no textbook I've perused has ever come close to showing knowledge of. But before I go explaining why politics are poison to society, I should connect some dots for you, the reader. The first thing to understand about human politics in particular (which I'll refer to from here on out with the pronoun "they") is that they are dynamic creations of people and they fundamentally go against the natural order of things, that natural order being a state of anarchism. The second thing to understand about politics is that they are essentially composed of increasingly complex mixtures of truth and lies... lots and lots of lies. This is made possible by the fact that they operate in both public and private spheres amongst great numbers of people. The third thing to understand about politics is that they are not necessary for achieving a state of order. Now, allow me to explain.

Politics are NOT things handed down to humans from gods or higher beings or other spirits; they are continuously created by groups of humans themselves and they are always created to serve a purpose: to separate and elevate some humans above others with the objective to dominate for advantage, typically profit. They are handed down (i.e.: enforced) from generation to generation and spread like wildfire throughout human populations via subjugation, typically war. Politics are rarely, if ever, neutral, as in they always carry an emotional charge— typically very, very strong charges indeed. There is only one actually natural form of government, and that is anarchism, or the absence of any government at all. Anarchism is the natural basis of the Universe we are a part of; in other words anarchism is a natural state rather than a state to be achieved. It is important to note that an absence of government need not necessarily imply the absence of order, and the presence of government does not necessarily ensure the presence of order, either. Politics are, at their core, all about dominance and submission— winning at any cost. Disorder can be just as useful for a politician or a president as order can be— it depends upon how they're playing the game (and yes, politics IS absolutely a game). As one can imagine, the Truth (I use a big 'T' to indicate I mean the real deal) is quite often NOT a useful thing to those who practice politic— but lies most certainly are! As it turns out, anything becomes possible when one distorts reality, and so lies are used to make all kinds of things happen that wouldn't otherwise happen with the Truth dominating peoples' perceptions. As greater and deeper networks of lies become necessary to prop up old networks of lies, many truths and half-truths get lost deep within the churning mix because the most believable and persuasive stories tend to have some amount of truth mixed into them. And then, when no one knows for certain what is real and what is fake, people will have to remember the Truth, the gnosis, deep inside themselves instead of searching through the outside world to find it, and once they remember that politics are not necessary for order, they will abandon them... and the politicians will starve without their human power sources. Suffice it to say, there are powerful reasons politics continue to evolve, despite their variously poisonous effects upon all human communities.

The best order occurs naturally, usually very slowly, via a process we call evolution. But humans, in their stubborn desire to be anywhere but here and now, decided a long time ago that they didn't want to wait so long and they didn't want to have to keep up with a constantly changing world. As the Earth's human population has grown over the many years, political systems have become ways for humans to exert control upon their environments and upon their fellow people, especially their children. I can't say I blame people for wanting to control their environments and each other, because this world can be a nasty place and none of us got to choose to be here. Parents choose to have their children, but children do not get to choose their parents. They are simply thrust into existence somewhere in spacetime, just like their parents were and their parents before them. Every one of us has been thrust into an existence on this planet where the politics and zeitgeists of the time will inevitably affect, or infect, our lives.

Politics, or the practice of governance, is really more of a cancer to humanity than a cure. Furthermore, I hold that this truth is self-evident to those who remain honest with themselves. Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment, shall we? In all of the governments in all of the lands of this planet over all of the years people have been alive upon it, have we ever really seen a single political system that actually works fairly for everyone? I know that not that many years ago, quite a few people believed that America was that political system, and yet nowadays many of those people know better than to continue believing that. It is now easier than ever to see that America is saturated in bigotry and corruption, and about one-third of the country absolutely loves it. I don't know where America's political system will go from here, but I know for certain that it has already fatally poisoned the national social well. I also know our planet's problems do not end or begin with the American political system— the source of the problems, I believe, are with the practice of politics in general.

I think of politics in general like a deus ex machina: a collection of abstractly contrived resolutions to some sort of conflict, such as a disturbance of the peace or a crisis of power. I know there are many who believe that their favorite system of politics has some divine source— and they are not entirely wrong in that— but they confuse where the divinity emanates from. The divine source of any political system emanates from the people themselves, not the deities they worship. I also know there are many who will disagree with me on the idea that humans are essentially divine... that's okay, they can think whatever they like. The main takeaway here is that when it comes to politics, PEOPLE are the culprits, not God. If there is a God, It truly has no rules. It is essentially boundless. We humans are the ones with the rules.

There are many reasons why I believe "Politics Are Poison", and evidence of them exists bountifully across modern history:

  • Politics bring about more harm than harmony to human societies by valuing profit, war, and social strife over the well-being of people.

  • Politics encourage people to breed irresponsibly (more taxpayers), consume irresponsibly (more profit), and relate with each other irresponsibly (more drama, more profit, AND more taxpayers).

  • All political systems, when thoroughly examined and analyzed, are found to either be essentially fascist in nature or eventually degrade into fascist practices. Lawmaking is essentially a fascist activity, as is childrearing, as both believe in the essential supremacy of one group of people (adults) or ideas (laws) over another as well as insistence upon the importance of obedience and submission to a stronger being.

  • Politics distort, destroy and omit the Truth in efforts to control peoples' perceptions (i.e., politics defines the world for people rather than Truth)

  • Politics set people against each other and feeds from their endless competition with each other.

  • Politicians regularly engage in lying and hypocrisy to the point of making both staples of political culture, so many people (correctly) feel that politicians cannot be trusted.
Think about it: What kinds of things can cause a disturbance of the peace? What kinds of things can bring about a crisis of power? Politics, that's what.

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