The Pearlian Academy Of Enlightenment

Date: December 14th, 2019

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I have been blessed in my life with a good education, and even though my early life's academic journey didn't lead me down the path that everyone thought it would, today I am determined to not squander everything I have learned over the years. Education can be a blessing or a curse (sometimes a blessing AND a curse), but there is more information out in the world than we can ever imagine, and getting to know the truth is always a worthy pursuit. Everyone deserves free and easy access to a high-quality truth-centered education that sets their minds free, AND everyone deserves the right to refuse an education, as well. Why would anyone want to refuse an education, though?— remember that education is NEVER emotionally neutral, it is ALWAYS a form of indoctrination meant to shape a person's mind. Everyone deserves their right to self-determination, which includes the shaping of one's mind, and so I say: SELF-EDUCATION IS THE BEST EDUCATION. But not everyone has the tools, mental or physical, TO educate themselves— and that's where I'd like to help humanity out the most. Knowledge IS power, and knowing IS half the battle. I would like to share my knowledge journey with other people so that they may potentially benefit from what I know as well as I do. I have a wide variety of subjects under my belt— everything from cooking & cleaning to science & mathematics, to growing weed, decorating a cake, coding a website, mastering watercolors & creating harmonious color combinations, and more— I've learned quite a bit during my 35 years on this Earth, and I'd like to share it with YOU!

That's what the Celestial Pearl Academy Of Enlightenment is for: sharing knowledge via the internet. I've learned quite a bit, but I'm always learning more with every passing day, so the body of knowledge I'm swimming in is constantly changing & growing. Along with my desire to provide people with fresh new ideas, I'm also interested in DOCUMENTING the many ideas that are already out there through the lens of my starry-eyed perspective. This is because I consider information, knowledge, and wisdom to be SACRED things, as the worlds all around us deserve the wonder of our awe & the caresses of our gentle, appreciative exploration. It is with gratitude and good intentions that I have created the Pearlian Academy as a way to share knowledge with other people who may really want to know the things that I know.

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