My Life: December 2019

Date: December 8th, 2019

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Life has been good to me this year, in spite of everything that's going on in the world, and I am feeling very grateful. This year I received some inheritance money from my biological family that I NEVER expected to get. In order to coordinate the transfer of funds to me I had to speak to a biological uncle on my father's side whom I hadn't spoken to or seen since I was a child. He helped me immensely and since then we have met up once during one of his business trips to Denver. I must say I'm really glad to have formed this very pleasant little bridge of communication with him, because he has been nothing but absolutely nice to me since he first made contact with me.

Anyways, with the inheritance money I was able to purchase my Pretty Blue xTerra and my new MacBook Pro, as well as some vacation time in Vegas, and I paid off some of my debts, and I made sure to put a couple thousand in my savings account for emergencies. My life has improved immensely because this money was given to me. I have a much better job now that I have a reliable vehicle to drive, and with all the incredible software I've downloaded/purchased/subscribed to, I have so many more amazing opportunities to expand my creativity and offer more to the world. I've introduced myself to 3D art production using VOXELS and I'm teaching myself whatever I need to learn to make simple videogames & animations. I am excited to make content that more closely mirrors what's in my head, which really requires multiple mediums to properly convey the scope my message. Something else that I'm now able to do thanks to my good fortune this year is DONATE money regularly to causes that I really care about on behalf of Celestial Pearl, something I've wanted to do for YEARS. At present I am making monthly donations to two Colorado radio stations that I care very much about: KUVO Jazz and CO Public Radio's classical radio channel. The donations will be drawn out of my bank account every month for the rest of my life (or until the next big personal catastrophe suckerpunches me in the gut). I am thrilled to support these independent, listener-supported radio stations, especially KUVO.

Celestial Pearl Productions Limited is STIL the apple of my eye & the reason I keep on living. I've been giving a lot of thought to how I'm going to use CPPL to merge my "vanilla life" and my "chocolate life" together into a powerhouse. I don't think I've ever written about this vanilla/chocolate distinction, so I'll just summarize the jist of it here: in the kink community the word "vanilla" is made in reference to ordinary, non-kinky people and things. Hence, my vanilla life is all the aspects of myself and the ideas I have that fit comfortably into the average "normal" person's worldview and therefore appropriate for all potential audiences. The other side of that life is what I refer to as my chocolate life, which is a whole LOT more sexy. Basically my chocolate life is my weird & kinky life. It shouldn't take many brain cells firing to figure out which avenue I should channel my different creative energies into: when I create family-friendly content and content for young audiences, that is clearly well within the realm of my vanilla life; when I create smut for adult-only audiences, that is clearly well within the realm of my chocolate life. And I love to create content for different audiences, because I have a lot of different ideas inside my head that I'm sure will appeal to different people for different reasons. I only have one rule for myself: the content meant for minors must be kept completely separate from the content meant for those 18 years old and up. This is not a hard rule for me to follow because I already keep the content completely separated in the studio anyways. One day I'll be able to afford separate studios for these two very different types of content production.

I've been heavily reclusive all year, and now I'm starting to see how good it is for me to recharge my batteries with solitude instead of performative positivity. I'm either working my day (or night) job, working on Celestial Pearl, sleeping or hanging out with friends & dogs. I haven't been to any bars or clubs, or many events this year. But my creativity is slowly beginning to flourish again, which just thrills me for what the future will bring. This year it was mostly the FUOAZ story that occupied my creative thoughts, and a few other projects such as Ursuline Tales and Mysteria. I have so many ideas I cannot keep up with them all, but I know I've got a SHIT-TON of creative fodder to turn into eBooks and pictures in the coming years. I cannot wait to see how 2020 will bless my life! ♥

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