The Grey

Date: November 7th, 2017

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Midway between the Black and the White,
There is a zero-point which we call the Grey.
As the eons went by, Infinity grew to greater & greater extremes
The Grey always stood in the middle of them - it had always been this way.
Little did I know about this place where zero always stood
But soon I learned it was my home ever since childhood.
The place where I belonged so long as I misunderstood
All the feelings of the Multiverse and all I never could.
The place where my soul went when I dreamed -
The very place I cannot go while I’m awake -
It’s there, in the Grey, where I can have a foot in both worlds
Where I can have the best of all worlds,
Where all the worlds can have the best of me.
It’s there, in the Grey, where I mine the crystals of my soul
Because no one else is around to steal them from me.
The Grey is everything, the Black and the White have made it,
Created it as a melding continuation of themselves,
Fashioned it from themselves,
Molded it to become more than itself through experience.
It always has the core,
It is always the home to go back to -
The zero place for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Whether traveling through the Black, or traveling through the White,
There will always be a place to go when you come to say Good Night.


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Tags: Poetry