My Life: Dreams, Plans And Happy Twitter Rants

Date: December 22nd, 2016

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Rosie & Rockette celebrating the happiness of the holidays!

Celestial Pearl Productions has been the apple of my eye these days, and I continue to research, contemplate options and make decisions for my company, because I have great plans for it. I'm trying to think long-term and keep it practical, while still dreaming big and staying optimistic about my options. I want to employ people one day, and I want to be a good boss who truly takes care of my people like they're family. I want to tell stories, create worlds, and discover characters in my imagination, all for the purpose of bringing their message to some sort of adoring audience. It never ceases to amaze me how fantasy and reality intermingle in real life, in this very real world we know as Earth; and so my stories, however fictional they may be, are inevitably always based in fact.

I'm considering moving myself and Celestial Pearl westward - towards California, possibly even Hawaii. I love Colorado dearly, but I have been here a long time and I think it's time for a change. The world is changing, and so must I... although I was still considering the westward option before the world changed course on November 8th this year. Now the CalExit secessionist movement has piqued my interest amongst the many other reasons such a move could be good for me. I've lived in this landlocked, deserty state for so long, maybe I would like to try the complete opposite for awhile: an island surrounded by water for a change, a place where I can swim in the sea and fall in love with the land. Both CA/HI, and indeed the west coast in general, would probably love what Celestial Pearl has to offer. If I were to make such a move, it would probably not be for another year or two, because before I go I want to go on a pilgrimage through Colorado - there's still so much of it I haven't seen, even though I have lived here for more than two decades.

Anyways... I'm more active on Twitter these days, as the political tides are getting caught flowing in the wrong direction nowadays, and I feel that now is not the time for silence. I've also been reading the news for the same reason and I really need to curb that because the news depresses me and I need to not be depressed right now. There is freedom to fight for, and the mainstream media has shown itself to have been castrated by Donald Trump and his goons. Right now I need to focus on writing and making art, because that is the best way for my voice to be heard with Celestial Pearl's message. I expect to be doing a LOT of non-fictional reading in the coming years, so that I can improve all that I do. I am stepping up my political awareness and expect to be contributing to the political sphere in various ways in the years to come. Humanitarian issues are of supreme importance to me, and I do not want to be silent anymore. I am no longer accepting things I cannot change; I am changing things I cannot accept.

On an unexpected note, I may actually procure a modest inheritance, which is just great and really surprising considering I never expected to receive one at all. I was recently contacted by a biological family member I haven't spoken to in years, an uncle managing my paternal grandfather's estate, and I learned that pretty much everyone is doing well, which deeply comforts me. But this inheritance, if it indeed comes my way, will help me pay debts and fund dreams like never before. I'm rather a "believe it when I see it" kinda gal when it comes to money, though, so I'm not putting much emotional stock into it until I actually have it in my hands.

In the year 2017 I expect I will design t-shirts, stationary and home decor, write stories and poems and make paintings to sell. I expect to sell e-books containing my writing and artwork. I want to publish some new fairy tales, ones designed with old fairy tales in mind. Eventually I'll look into printing real books to be sold on the website as well. I'm going to continue making designs for Zazzle and RedBubble; I think I may sell t-shirts directly from the Emporium as well. Definitely looking to sell things online in the long run. I also want to return to the Passion Haus project of mine. Also, if I receive inheritance money after all, I want to get a license to sell art along 16th Street Mall this summer. ♥

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