Living In The Presence Of Spirits

Date: December 14th, 2016

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“The Overseer”, digital painting

*This car accident happened 2+ years ago when I originally wrote this text.

... Look closer.

The car accident* I got into the other day occurred at 1:20 pm. This wouldn't normally phase me, except for the fact that years ago somebody spoke to me about the numerological significance of the number 120. Something about it being the number of completion, or perfection. A simple Google search brought up some interesting ideas on the matter. Of course most websites explained 120 from a biblical standpoint but the most significant explanation I found explained 120 as an angellic number. My mother believed in angels and her deck of angel cards helped me before, so I felt better about suspending my disbelief in pseudoscience in favor of finding wisdom. And wisdom I did find. Angel number 120 speaks of blessings in disguises and trusting in good outcomes- both things I tend to have trouble with. I wondered briefly why 120 didn't come to me in a less intense manner, such as time on a clock but then it dawned on me: would I have listened to the message of anything less intense than a car crash? Very definitely no. That's just how I roll.

Lately I've been toying with the idea of SPIRITS, phenomena very similar to the Kami of ancient Japan's Shinto religion. I've been thinking about the spirits in my own life, and as I walked my dog in this morning's cool crisp weather, I realized I was staring at perhaps the greatest spirit ever to be pervasive in my experience: The Rocky Mountains. I was born here in Colorado, I've lived the majority of my life here, and although I've always dreamed of travelling to other lands I just can't seem to get enough of Colorado. When I lived in Florida for a year in 2007 I couldn't tell North apart from South or East or West, because there were no mountains available to guide me. I've lived my life by the mountains, and they have always been there for me, inspiring me with their beauty and raw power.

I think it is a good thing to feel loved by Nature. We don't have much choice but to live in it, after all. The Rocky Mountains aren't the only spirits I know have been there for me all my life - there are great spirits that look after us no matter where we are and they are the Stars. The three stars traditionally known as “Orion’s Belt” have always been significant to me, as they have always been easy for me to spot. I think of them as three benevolent queens who are sisters in a triad of love and power. There is also the Moon, the planet Venus, and the element of Water. I always feel safe besides running water such as a river or a waterfall, and those two things in conjunction are even better. I think I'll always feel inspired by bright shiny objects such as the Moon and Stars. The entire Cosmos is the Great Spirit from whence we came and to where we will all return.

I hope that spirits truly exist. The Universe would feel so much more lonely without them. But I don't have to hope for such a thing, do I? Because spirits DO exist. All we need to do to know this is be open enough to look closer.

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