Come Together, A Poem

Date: November 28th, 2016

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*The following poem was previously published on Project Zeitgeist prior to the database hack of July 2016*


The color of lovers is a spectrum only seen
From the eye in the middle of your forehead
With a tasty hook in one hand
And a noose around your neck in the other.
Oh, what a day that was
When we were walking hand in hand
Cosmic waves washing over us --
Or was that only in a dream?
I can never tell, you know
And sometimes I don't want to.
There is an ocean between you and me
She is there for you, but I cannot be.
So what does this mean?
Forget-you-will or forget-you-won't?
I'll go halfway in both directions,
Never knowing what a glorious love to be
Within the deep vast darkness of your eyes --
Those crazy deep pools of nothing but your soul
I think you may be tantalizing me.
Don't worry, I think I might like it these days.
When can I have you? - When will you be mine?
Wanting to awaken with you in the mornings has never been a crime
(Although the nights before the mornings may be quite “sinful” indeed)
I do not know why we hold ourselves back from each other
Because I know we love each other --
Well, I don't know why I love you - but I do.
The lovers are two chemicals
Exploding in one another's lust
Electricity coursing through the veins of their beings --
The future awaits - the future approaches
When the lovers will come together in union
Forever changing
Time will come for them to separate
And come together again.
So it will be with you and I
Yet just so I am clear, dear heart --
I own the dearest heart to me.
But... I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine
So your heart is the dearest heart to me, dear lover --
Because our hearts are one, Divine.

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