Next To You, A Poem

Date: November 24th, 2016

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*The following poem was previously published on Project Zeitgeist prior to the database hack of July 2016*


Once we stood together, and there was an ocean between us.
Day by day the ocean drained
And now I can touch your face.
Hello, my love, how have you been?
Such a long night without you
Without a why or when.
The heat in me has set me free
Adrift among the stars
Of a thousand lovely voyages
And a thousand lovely more.
And a lonely face is calling me
As if it has been forgotten
The moment I was set free.
But Paradise awaits, awaits around the corner
And I am running to that place
Where Dreams and Wishes collide into Hope
Where Love is there to stay.
Although the world may end, my love, please meet me there
The world is ending always
Hung by the noose of a neverending rope.
There was an ocean between us
But once it left us we became one
Congealed and sealed our fates
Until one day we'll separate
And the wheel starts turning again.
The Gods have Gods
And those Gods are within us.
So lift up your face, my love, and see the Sun
There are a million lovely stars to remind you who you are
You are Me and I am You
There is nothing we cannot do
And so the ocean grows and drains,
Yet I am still right next to You.

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