What Now? Half Of America Elected A Bigot, And...

Date: November 10th, 2016


A bunch of people like Trump, and a bunch of people hate Trump, but now he is expected to lead with authority over both sets of people. No matter how #Election2016 turned out, a good chunk of people would be deeply disturbed by the outcome. Both progress and bigotry are here to stay. How do we move on from here?

I have this belief that the Universe is big enough for us all to thrive. Humanity's answer to diversity it cannot handle has been territorialization and terror campaigns. But like the yin-yang, we are opposites bound together in space by our own internal connections. Peacefully or not, we all coexist in this magnificent Universe together symbiotically. Whether our resonance is clashing or harmonious, we are all stuck in eternity with each other. I say "Let's Evolve Together", but I know that by nature not everyone is going to agree with me. I feel that's okay. I'll be me over here, and you be you over there. So why doesn't this approach always work perfectly?

I theorize there are at least two reasons why human segregation doesn't solve "diversity problems":

1. There are new human beings born into every part of the world all the time, and they aren't up to speed with or on the same page as the communities they are born into all of the time.

2. All people are deeply connected to each other on a level no government can tamper with and no religion could disconnect.

Trump may be racist, sexist, xenophobic and ignoble, but he ran for president of America and he won. It says a lot about the world we are living in, but he had every right to run for president. We must not forget that we have every right to be ourselves too - we have all the right to be different, to be masculine or feminine as we please, to love whoever we want to love and to go where we want to go. We have the right to feel and declare Donald Trump to be #NotMyPresident. These rights to freedom and joy and self-determination are not granted by patrons or presidents or constitutions or words on paper - these rights are natural unto us. We are so free that we can choose bondage. Governments may work tirelessly to unnaturally pin us down, but we are individually more powerful in our own lives than any government could ever be. While we revel in our own freedom, some of us feel threatened by the freedom of others. Freedom from bondage can only be found when we follow the truest joys of our hearts. Using our God-given freedom to follow our bliss produces the kind of growth that matters most in the Universe. We've all seen how Trump follows his bliss. The better question is, how are you going to follow your bliss?

I know how I'm going to follow my bliss. For me, nothing has really changed - I've got a fantastic lifetime ahead of me, and I'm gonna live my life happily ever after regardless of what's going on in the world around me. I've always known about the pros and cons of democratic government, that's why I've been building my life and my production company around it. My parents couldn't grind me into conformity, and no government dead or alive will have better luck than they did in the battle for my soul. I own my own soul now, bitches, and I am loving it. Like Caesar, I'll never give up this power. There are a lot of crazy wonderful and beautiful things in this world and inside my mind, and it is my job as a fairy godmother to show it to as many people as I possibly can. There are words and poems to be written, music to be produced, images to be painted, people to love, places to see, good food to eat, insights to be made, celebrations to be created, movies to make, stories to tell, animals to appreciate, flowers to smell, light shows to witness, communities to build, mysteries to probe, children to be cared for, and dark corners of the Universe to be illuminated gradually. There is so much good stuff to experience that I'm gonna focus on exactly that stuff. And all the good things that are currently locked inside me, all the great things only I can experience, well I'm gonna do my best to share them with people so that they can benefit from them, too. I don't want to die without being sure that I have sung my song and spoken my voice for the benefit of SOMEBODY'S happiness, even if the only person I'm able to bring happiness to is myself.

But all of us are connected and there are always new people coming into the world. So not only do I know that my happiness will automatically translate to humanity's happiness, but I also know that the world will eventually heal from the scorched-earth campaigns of 2016 American politics. Human history is full of accounts of social disasters that eventually healed - the blood-soaked battlegrounds will turn to lush green fields eventually, and the hostile energies of war will have to find somewhere else to spread their disease. It has always been so. The world is not ending, this is just how it works. A world without any social upheaval ever is a dead world. A world alive changes and will change. A world alive will have contrasting points of views in it. Some of us love this human salad and some of us want to put this human salad in a blender. But love always trumps hate, because love is naturally more powerful than hatred, and hatred is really just a perception of a lack of love. Yet there is no lack of love. If love is the light and hatred the shadows, or lack of light, then love will always be more powerful. The most loving thing any of us can do is to love the shadows and let them be. The shadows can be very dark and blind you, but they are not wrong; The light can also be very bright and blind you, but it is not wrong.

And to be honest, we all make too much out of all of this, anyways. The president elect has said a lot to rile people up, but he hasn't actually done anything yet. Half of America may have elected a bigot because they're bigots too, but that's fine. We have the right to ignore the government's power and the bigots around us so that we can find our own power to live our wonderful lives.

Donald Trump may be the 45th American president, but he is not my president and he can waterboard me 'till the end of time for it, but he won't change me.

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