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Date: November 8th, 2016

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Today is the day of the 2016 American Presidential Election. There are a lot of reasons why I choose to not vote in these elections, reasons I’ll not be delving into right here and now. This particular election cycle has for me been, to say the least, a gigantic hilarious “I could have told you so years ago” degrading slay ride. A lot of drama has been stirred up, a lot of people have been horrified by the political campaigns of this cycle’s hopeful presidential nominees. The political atmosphere is fully charged. Virtually everyone I talk to on a daily basis thinks Trump is out of his mind. I know some people think Hillary is just as dangerous. But no matter who wins this cycle’s presidential election, I know my life is going to continue and it is going to be a fantastic life indeed because we individually have more power in our own lives than any politician could ever have.

Getting mired in shit brigades like this one is not good for my health right now. Sure, I’ve actually been keeping up on the news regarding this election, but I haven’t allowed myself to become TOO emotionally involved in its outcome. I would hate to see Donald Trump be president of America, I do not believe he could ever do a good job at it, but I have faith that whatever happens next will ultimately move us forward as a human family as people learn to re-examine what’s truly important to them. These energies have been culminating for a very long time, and these are the energies into which Celestial Pearl will gradually emerge.

The Earth changes, and so do human emotions. I want my media company to serve both for as long as I live. I am building Celestial Pearl to be a grand structure that will have potential benefit for everyone and everything, and I know it needs to be fluid because things change. Even if they may be changing into more of the same things, things change. Think about it. A flatlined heart changes into the same thing from one moment to the next, but a beating and alive heart changes cyclically from moment to moment, all with its ups and downs. So it is with life, and so it is with politics. Don’t let them drag you down or otherwise change your fabulous self. Vote if you feel you should vote, and vote for whoever you feel you should vote for. I just believe you should feel more of your own power at all times, just as a beating heart feels the power flowing through it while it is alive.

Pay attention to how you feel. How would you rather feel? Think. Think for yourself. It’s not illegal yet.

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