Genesis and Exodus

Date: May 10th, 2020 4:05 AM

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Auguste Rodin - Lovers (Les amants) - 1978.122 - Cleveland Museum of Art


Once, there was Nothing, and thus Something was born—
The Zero expanded to One.
When this happened, Pure Joy sprang into existence,
Each one the inverse of the other, the Zero and the One became lovers—
The One then expanded into Two.
There was such power in this union of antipodes, that a single orgasm shared between them shook the nonphysical heavens and created our physical universe—
The Two then expanded to Three.
Charged with all potential, everything with its own opposite, the physical universe blossomed upon the creation of the sacred Atom.
Life exploded exponentially.
The Three multiplied by its own essence, giving us the holy number Nine.
The cycle of Life will continue Forever—
The Nine has expanded to Infinity: the most holy number of them all.
From the Zero, to the One, to the Two, to the Three,
The Three to the Nine and the Nine to Infinity—
What lies beyond that veil is not a mystery, it is an even greater reality
As Their love flows to and fro, infinity grows and grows and grows.
As every life will have a death, so every death has a rebirth—
Infinity will have to return to its beginning: the place between Zero and One,
The place where Pure Joy resides beyond all space and time,
Where The Source Of All, the cosmic lovers, take Their creation into Their arms
And with an epiphany, the creation lives anew once more.

Tags: Philosophy, Poetry, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Religion