Meditating Upon The Truth About Reality: The Physical & Non-Physical

Date: May 3rd, 2020 2:30 AM

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They may seem like two different worlds, but you'd be surprised to know the truth...

How do the physical and the non-physical worlds interact with each other?” is a valid question of science that I’d like to address briefly within this entry. First, some assumptions must be assumed so that all readers may go forth with a similar understanding: one, the physical and the non-physical worlds really do exist as distinct yet intricately connected phenomena; and two, the non-physical world has begotten and continues to beget the physical world, meaning that the physical universe is a subset of the non-physical universe.

But where is this non-physical universe?”— since space is a physical concept, this answer may seem strange, but: every single atom of the physical universe is literally created from the non-physical universe which lies deep within the nuclear core. We humans can spend forever dividing it into smaller and smaller particles if we wish to do so. The non-physical universe is far larger, far older, and far wiser than the physical universe, and it knows how to synthesize every particle needed to create The Atom: the crown jewel of the physical world we know and love. The non-physical universe can be found in every human, animal, river, tree, rock... literally every physical thing we have ever known is fundamentally non-physical.

The physical and the non-physical worlds don’t just interact naturally with each other... they ARE each other.

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