Submission 6: Pink Devil Woman

Date: November 7th, 2022 8:11 AM

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La Femme Diable Rose... The Pink Devil Woman

An evil female spirit found roaming the countryside whenever the sky is pink, whether during sunrise, sunset, or storm. She draws in her prey with sweet whispers, songs, and promises, then drinks their blood when they least expect it, and devours their corpse when she's done. She delights in the consumption of humans of all genders, taking their life force for her own. Do not be deceived by her sweet face, as she hides a sinister imperative behind a mask of innocence, beauty and wonder.

...This digital painting took me two weeks to create, one for the drawing & another for the painting, and I still don't consider her finished. The original idea was to create an image of a female spirit that was both beautiful and macabre, using a color that is usually considered beautiful but not macabre (PINK), and she was supposed to be finished by Halloween. She doesn't quite look the way she did in my head at the beginning of the project, but I suppose she turned out okay anyways. I had originally imagined her as a platinum blonde wearing white, but the picture turned out quite redder than I had initially anticipated it would. Oh well. I'm sure I'll paint her again sometime in the future, as I find this kind of demoness quite compelling. (And, of course, who really needs an excuse to draw a big-tittied waifu? Not me hahaha)

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