A New Place To Call Home

Date: October 6th, 2021 7:45 AM

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So it looks like I'll be moving into the fourth bedroom of Josh's new house in the next couple of months, and I am hugely excited!! The room is small, but the place has a garage he said I can use and perhaps most important of all it has a huge back yard with two gardens and two levels. To me, it's a perfect fit. I think Medusa will be very happy with the back yard and all of the people in the house for her to hang out with (Dak from my previous job and Ced from my current job also live there, hooray!!). I am so stoked for this change in my life.

I know I will miss Billygoat and Lucykins, so I am glad they will only be 30 minutes away, as opposed to the potential 3 hours when I was considering moving to Trinidad (that's on the table for later down the line). I really hope I remain a good friend to Billy and actually visit him and have him over for dinner and stuff. Just because I want to live in this new place doesn't mean I want to grow distant. I'm already so horribly good at growing distant with friends, I don't want that to happen with me and Billygoat. Only time will tell.

I really am excited at the prospect of gardening, sipping coffee on the porch, and playing with Medusa in the back yard. I'd love to plant some flowers, herbs and vegetables, and maybe even a couple of fruit trees. I want to put up bird feeders and wind chimes and a jolly roger flag. I want to cook in a clean, uncluttered kitchen and set up my art studio in the garage. And I'll definitely need to have some wild sex to christen my new bedroom.

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