You Will See Me

Date: November 29th, 2020 2:15 AM

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I do not belong in this world.
I will have no descendants, no heirs to carry forward My memory.
I have only My written words to speak My legacy, to carry forward My truth.
I do not have a friend in government, nor does the governance of humans hold any meaning for Me.
I know no kings or queens, and I will not know them, because they hold no meaning for Me.
I will form no alliance of marriage throughout My entire life— I will remain as evasive and mysterious as the Doe.
I will form no formal occupation for the love of money, because the very best things in life are utterly free.
There will be no currency left in My account when I die.
All of My unsold artwork will burn with Me.
The choice will always be Mine to move forward against tradition,
If every ending is only a beginning, then You will see Me again soon.

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