Laws, Or Merely Guidelines?

Date: October 30th, 2020 11:01 PM

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I do not believe in ‘law and order’, but I do believe in order and chaos. I am very skeptical of the idea that we live in an orderly universe, knowing that we live in a universe dominated by entropy and having had the experiences I've had in life. The idea that there exists some sort of Natural Law in our world is, to me, quite laughable, and not something to be taken seriously. Laws are human creations, animal creations. If there is such a Natural Law, though, I am certain it is simply: “Anything Goes”. This is what I mean when I say that our universe is essentially anarchistic in nature. We have only seen a very small amount of our universe and there is still so much we have yet to learn— how can we be so sure that what we call ‘Natural Law’ isn’t actually local to our part of the universe?

I am especially skeptical of people’s concept of a Natural Moral Law, especially considering I believe morality is essentially relative and there is no privileged viewpoint in the universe. Morality systems are human creations, animal creations. Again, if there is any such thing as a Natural Moral Law, I am certain it is also "Anything Goes". It is exceedingly significant for people to realize that 'law and order' is NOT justified by the universe at large— it is justified by human reason, which is actually quite capable of justifying anything. People, in their cancerous desire to experience the pleasure of dominating others, create structures both ideological and material which are conducive to achieving the great imbalances of power that tip things in their favor. 'Law and order', far from being a natural or even helpful part of our world, actually amounts to an artificial constriction of the natural world for political and economic gain. Why would anyone want to whittle the world down to practically nothing, just for some status and wealth? Because many people want to live in a fantasy world where things are easy for them, and it is much easier to choose a small arbitrary number such as two or three and convince people those are the only number of options available than it is to face the reality of infinite options available to everyone all the time.

There is only one Natural and Moral Law, and it is anarchism. There is no Natural or Moral Law at all. The universe is utterly free, and so are we.

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