God Flow

Date: May 16th, 2020 4:05 AM

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That which humans call good and evil are universal phenomena that occur from the same source, in this way: there is actually only goodness, which flows like a river from one dimension to the next, and it is the goodness Itself that decides where to flow— or where not to flow, which translates into human experience as evil. The goodness which flows is that which humans have called God, and It is evil whenever It chooses to not flow; as It necessarily always flows in some places and not others, so that the opposites of the Universe are eternally conserved, this God, although composed entirely of goodness, creates evil through It’s decisions to withhold Itself. As It emanates into infinite forms throughout the infinite Universe, beings are manifested as if by the powers of magick, the Brahman crystalizing Itself more into some forms and less into others; and so the same God lives through every being, angels and demons alike.

The God of Life is the same as the God of Death; the God of Fortune and the God of Misfortune are the very same being and upon It’s whims lies our fates.

Tags: Philosophy, Metaphysics, Good and Evil, Spirituality, Religion