Some Thoughts On Human Extinction

Date: March 20th, 2020 12PM

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The following is closelybased off a twitter thread I made just before I closed my twitter account yesterday. These ideas are important to me because they are among the realest things I know.

This entry is going to get dark as hell, just so you know. Avert your fragile third eyes if you want, but don't say you weren't warned. I have some thoughts about human extinction:

Yes, the planet would be better off without humans. Yes, the planet would get better if we vanished & no longer caused our many great imbalances. Yes, all humans deserve to die because we collectively could have stopped this from happening yet we collectively refused to do so.

No, I'm not saying this out of anger, I'm saying it as a matter of fact, from a BIG, BIG picture perspective. There's nothing inherently wrong with dying or extinction from THAT perspective. But we humans royally fucked ourselves, & Nature won't shield us from those consequences (nor should It).

We like to talk about the consequences of letting people die, but we don't talk about the consequences of letting people live. We all let the people who trashed this planet live another day, and lo and behold they used that "another day" to trash the planet. We LET them do that.

We outright REFUSED to unite with each other. We REFUSED to be kind to each other. We REFUSED to work together to solve our problems. We instead thought our time would be better spent talking shit on the internet. We ALL deserve to be killed by the planet. We FUCKED ourselves dry and now we are hurting from it.

Yes, this is definitely one of those instances of "a few people fucked it up for everyone else", which seems to be a theme in human existence we can't get enough of.

"But who would appreciate nature if not humans?" Only people who believe consciousness is exclusive to humans would ask me this question. I don't even see this question as coherent or meaningful, because consciousness is an inherent quality of ALL Nature, not just humans.

QUESTION: "But who would appreciate nature if not humans?" ANSWER: "Everything non-human."

We are all going to die on this planet, in this solar system, together. There is no shame in that. There is shame in what we've been doing, but our planet is willing to cleanse us of that (for lack of a better word) sin. Let's die with some grace & integrity, shall we?

"But what about the indigenous people who live in harmony with the planet?" Their way of life is clearly being destroyed, AND they hate our guts, so there's very little chance we'll ever get to unite with them. I for one am not uniting with ANYONE who loathes me. Death would be better.

Life is not fair; this isn't a just world. Reality always has a way of reminding us of that, and it's reminding us of that RIGHT NOW.

The planet is suffering because HUMANS ARE A DISEASE, yes even the seemingly good & perfect ones, full fucking stop. Call me an "ecofascist" or whatever you want, it doesn't phase me. We are ALL variables in this equation & that's that on that

Sure, we *have the capacity* to do better, by ourselves and by the planet. But _WILL_ we? My best educated guess says "most likely no".

And not to point out the obvious, but what exactly has *been* keeping us from having a revolution until now? ...Oh yeah, that's right: WE ALL HATE EACH OTHER. So of *course* billionaires and military industrial complexes are gonna thrive in such a world. We're making it such a comfortable place for them to thrive.

Maybe we haven't always been a disease, sure, I'll give you that. But you know what? Humans are the PERFECT carriers for a disease we know as "evil", and that is exactly what we've become.

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