Cold Case Closed

Date: January 13th, 2020 11:00 AM

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not all ghosts come at night, some come during the daylight hours

The image above is me YEARS ago, about mid-2009, when I was living with my bio mom. It's been sitting in a photoshop document on my harddrive labeled 'work_in_progress.psd' this whole time. I've opened it a couple times & thought about finishing it, but usually did nothing, until I did so again the other day & finally just finished it up real quick. At the time my images were not so big, and it's blurry because that's kind of the best I could do quickly with the data I had available. But this is the year of finishing old projects so that I can energetically move on with new ones, and this particular picture came from a very naieve era of my life so finishing it feels rather important to me.

Tags: Eye Candy, The Valentine, Before Zero, Personal Development