Meditations: A Universe Without Love

Date: November 21st, 2019

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What would a universe without love be like? We have clues based on the environment we’re inhabiting right now: a severe lack of compassion, ubiquitous disharmony, erosion of trust, hidden truths, a willingness to move forward in spite of damage being done by doing so, a disconnection from other humans, destruction of physical matter…. We see these things in our world all the time. And yet, the world continues, regardless of everything that has ever happened, and everything that has yet to happen. But we still DO find love in the universe somewhere, don’t we? Maybe the universe couldn’t exist if it weren’t for love keeping it together. Is love a fundamental force, then? And when it is missing from an area of spacetime, how do we bring it back? From where does it come from-- nothing? Where do consciousness and free will fit into all of this? Perhaps what science is truly missing is religon, and what religion is truly missing is science. How do these things combine to create the reality we know today? CAN they combine, or are they like oil and water? What is needed to promote this combination, and do we WANT this combination? If we are all inherently interconnected, how do we become disconnected from each other? How do we connect again? Some people want war, some people want peace, and some people just want consistency. How does this grand interplay of opposites all shake out in the end?? IS THERE EVEN AN END???

Tags: Meditations, Life, Philosophy