A Pearlian View Of Anarchism: So Much Love Lives In This Planet

Date: October 30th, 2019

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Old artwork I made circa 2006.

I won’t try to change your mind about anarchism— that’s impossible. Instead, I will speak only truth, and in doing so I will speak about anarchism.

Which is… what, exactly, according to Me? Well, anarchism from My perspective is the most natural form of government that exists. It isn’t something that has to be worked for, it is something that already exists naturally. No one has to understand anarchism in order for it to exist. It requires no effort on the part of us humans to implement, it just IS. Contrary to popular belief, anarchism does not exist within a world of governments— rather, governments exist within a world of anarchy. Coming from the ancient Greek word ἀναρχία (anarchia), which translates to “no rulers” or “no authority”, anarchy refers to a stateless, cooperative society in which constituents rule themselves instead of being ruled by an authoritative governing body other than themselves. It is an obscure fact that all governments come from anarchism, and all governments eventually return to anarchism. The political process of transitioning from one to the other may be chaotic and destructive, but anarchism is not chaos, and it is not destruction— it is life itself living without bounds in its most natural way of things.

So if anarchism is natural, are governments then to be considered unnatural? Well, the answer to this question is both yes AND no. Anarchism allows EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to exist and to thrive in this universe. Anarchism is complete and ultimate freedom, something most humans can’t even reasonably fathom in this day & age where all of us have been subjected to some form of government or another for the past several thousand years. Anarchism allows everyone to arrange themselves however they so please (commonly known as self-determination), and governments are the natural results of many centuries of humans arranging and rearranging themselves as they see fit. As the old structures that once worked marvelously for some in the past become rigid in their old age, they die, and thus make room for the new structures that inevitably come along with every generation. So while all governments may paint any picture they like— anarchism will always be around to wipe the slate clean again, so to speak. Governments have tried for millennia and found it utterly impossible to rid their world of anarchy, but evidently that doesn’t stop them from trying to do so even to this day. Because anarchism IS total freedom, ALL governments are allowed to exist, even as they run headlong against the grain of the natural order of things trying to compete with other governments and plunge right into a bubble of disharmony and chaos.

Anarchism as a metaphysical truth does not require gods, money, sacrifice, recognition, perfection, understanding or even consent. Blessings still come to the faithless and the poor despite the worship of the rich and faithful; not asceticism, nor omission, nor ignorance, nor defects of any kind can affect the fundamental influence of anarchism upon our lives; and we exist in this world regardless of whether or not we’ve given our consent to exist in the first place. What, if anything, does anarchism require of us, then? The answer may surprise you: LOVE. Anarchy is the basis of the natural world, and love is the basis of anarchy. It is the perfect platform for all sentient beings to live upon. Love yourself. Love your planet. Love your friends and family. Love the things you use most often, such as machines or books. Love even your enemies, if you can manage it. Be excellent to each other, and take care of one another. While individual anarchists may become angry and bitter regarding the many horrors in the world around them, true anarchism necessarily springs forth from a deep desire to bring more joy to the world (anarchism itself is neither angry nor bitter by nature). Anarchism NEEDS love to survive and to thrive, because anarchism without love quickly becomes dangerous and unsustainable (e.g., the trump administration).

Anarchism With Love Anarchism Without Love
compassion competition
spreads love & happiness spreads hatred & fear
provides resources provides restrictions
builds hospitals & libraries,
protects the Earth
builds prisons & weapons,
poisons the Earth
is freedom is fascism
aims to make everyone’s
lives better
aims to make only a few people's
lives better
vigilance violence
calm vibes anxious vibes
flows with change forces change
believes all people are essentially
equally valuable
believes some people are essentially
superior or inferior to others
creates more than it destroys destroys more than it creates

A simplified binary comparative chart, meant to illustrate the differences between anarchism with and without the essential ingredient of love in the mix.

It is because everything that exists is full of potential for love that this anarchist universe allows everything that exists to exist right now. As a matter of fact there is not only one valid way to exist, there are many valid ways to exist. All roads lead to home. Now, we know that anarchism allows all sorts of arrangements within reality, but a vital piece of information must be found out… WHO is doing the arranging? Realistically, we all are. But in any given society the answer to that question marks the difference between a government (where a governing body does the arranging for a multitude of people) and a cooperative stateless society (where a multitude of people voluntarily arrange themselves as they see fit). There is only one known rule for the arrangement of existence: more similar things will move closer together, while more different things will move farther apart. That is the only law this universe knows, the rest is just arrangement details of The Great Cosmic Game we call life.

Because anything & everything is possible in a world of anarchy, many people have developed strong reactions to it: some people hate the very idea of anarchy and recoil from it in fear, while other people have found a source of hope within anarchy and embrace it with open arms. I am one of those second kind of people, because I have always known that freedom was essential for my happiness (as well as the basis of all other humans’ joy). As soon as people use their natural freedom to oppress the freedom of others, a chain reaction begins between them that continues indefinitely until: 1) the oppression stops and 2) everyone involved brings themselves to a state of inner tranquility. True anarchism is extremely zen and oppresses nothing. Ever-present change is a fundamental essence of this universe BECAUSE of anarchism, and although we cannot stop the waves from coming, we can learn how to ride them, so to speak.

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