Date: April 11th, 2018

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I’d like to make a small update since it’s obviously been a while since this blog has received some love. Life has been hum-drum mundane on the outside, but beneath the surface a wildly magical new adventure is brewing! Lemme ‘splain some tea:

I am still working in Walmart receiving, and the job is going very well, in spite of the damn store remodeling grating on my nerves. I intend to keep this job as a laborer for a while, until I’m standing on my own financial feet. I have a slow plan for getting out of Walmart, though.

I’ve decided I want to channel my energy into a new, more lucrative job by finally jumping into the pool I have always only ever dipped my toes in: the sex industry and the fascinating world of BDSM. I want to become a professional Dominatrix and let that be my primary job instead of Walmart. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of entrepreneur who pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, so I need a job to keep me afloat while I’m building my business empire. Since I have always relished the BDSM lifestyle anyways, I've decided financial domination would be an excellent tool for me to utilize in my path of success. I finally have the perfect channel for my own sexual energy to express itself freely and without

The interesting thing about this decision I’ve made, though, is that I still need a family-friendly image for Celestial Pearl Productions to interface with society. And so I’ve created a very important persona, named Venus Victoria, who will serve as my official nom de guerre in the wide world of adult entertainment. Anastasia Valentine may speak about sex and kink as an educational topic throughout her career, but she is not allowed to produce content intended specifically for an adult audience - that is VeVi’s job.

I am excited about making this switch, more like a transformation. I’ve already started gearing up my social media in anticipation of the Passion Haus Grand Opening, which will begin on October 1st this year and end on the last day of Day Of The Dead, November 2nd. That’s when I expect the PH website will be fully operational and ready for business. Until then, I have a lot of preparation, self-care, and homework to complete in order to ensure this whole transformation goes
smoothly. ♥

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