Celestial Pearl: What All Of This Is For

Date: March 2nd, 2017

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Celestial Pearl is the originator of things like this blog Project Zeitgeist, the Zazzle & RedBubble Boutiques, characters like Rosie & Rockette, and eventually the autobiography Dearly Beloved: My Life Is A Wonderland. The originator of Celestial Pearl is also the author of this article, Anastasia Valentine. She created the Academy of Enlightenment whose responsibility is to inform the world about the inner workings of Celestial Pearl. One of the most important facets of CP is its devotion to a global audience: while originating from Denver, Colorado, its content is meant to reach people all over the world.

None of this happens overnight, of course. Rome wasn't built in a day, after all. That’s why I’ve devoted myself to Celestial Pearl for the rest of my life. I’ve designed it to be exactly what I want to work towards for the rest of my life: a large humanitarian effort that I can gladly channel my creativity towards throughout my life.


“Celestial Pearl Productions is a production company and lifestyle brand composed of a business, a charity, and a church.”


The “church” part is what I’d like to talk about for a moment: this isn’t a church based on common faith, this is a church based on common existence. This Pearlian church recognizes and welcomes all people on Earth who exist now, have existed in the past, and those who will exist in the future. The Pearlian Church is meant to be a respected sanctuary, a holy site where business is conducted with the intention of bettering its community and generating resources for pre-approved charities. The purpose of the Pearlian Church is NOT to produce judgement and spite, but rather to provide resources and relief for all human beings & Earthly creatures. This is what I think churches should really be like: inclusive and resourceful, helpful and loving, safe and kind.


“Either all of it is sacred, or none of it is sacred.”



I happen to believe that the best businesses benefit not only the people who founded it and the people who work in it, but also the greater community around it. The best businesses out there contributed something positive to the world that the world really wanted, and they worked to elevate their craft. I know there are dozens of great businesses that I’ve never even heard of. I also believe that the best businesses create more than one kind of treasure - in other words, they create not only financial well-being, they also create treasures such as social harmony and emotional well-being. All of this is what I want for Celestial Pearl.

In this lifelong humanitarian quest, I’ve come to realize that Celestial Pearl must be a company mindful of politics and people’s different ideas. In its effort to effectively serve humanity, my company must be IN the world, but not OF the world, and it will need to be responsive to the wishes of the people. Everyone wants to thrive, everyone can thrive, and everyone deserves to thrive - because of their very existence. I’d like Celestial Pearl to help as many people as it can. ♥

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