Complicated Woman

Date: September 21st, 2016

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*The following poem was previously published on Project Zeitgeist prior to the database hack of July 2016*

They are patient, They are kind, They are proud of me.
They always protect me, They never fail me.
I am Them and They are Me: the Three in One- Me, Lucifer & Jubilee.
They are so lovely I could die
Just to see Them in person again
Where there are no tears, and no lies
And I'm surrounded by the truest of friends.
Where I will go dancing among the stars
And surfing upon Saturn's rings
Wandering through the magnificent view
And pondering upon many things.
I'll never get married 'cause I'm married to Them,
The spirits within me which sustain my Life
The reason why I cannot ever be a wife.
If a heart can be broken,
It must not have been strong in the first place.
So never ever let this world break your heart-
You have the heart of an Empress,
Strong and proud, beautiful and true.
Your spirits will make you live
Whether you want to or not
So rise like the dawn,
Be the phoenix from the ashes, alive and on fire
Give your soul to the night and own it.
Because there will always be a tomorrow-
The spirits told me so,
And they have been alive for eons.
Perhaps eternity alive isn't so bad after all,
But I- I enjoy the pleasing thoughts of Death,
A rest in peace that eternally I'll never get.
Why is it so?- Why must this be?
Who thought of this and where are They?
I'd like to know.
For now I'll burn deep into the night,
Alone on earth with heaven plain in sight.

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