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Date: September 16th, 2016

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Hello & welcome to the first entry of the blog feature My Life, a recapitulation series based upon The Valentine’s life… just to be clear I, the person writing, am The Valentine, and I’ll be writing this feature in first person perspective, since the material is so personal.

My life these days has been really very good lately, I cannot complain. Life has been slow-paced, predictable, calm and blessed with good weather. I’ve just been getting through each day, day-by-day. My spirits are high and soaring higher these days. I have been thinking of the past, living in the now, and looking forward to the future.

I work 2-11pm, go to sleep around midnight & sleep for a solid 8-11 hours, use the rest of my awake time to do housework, hang out with friends, and work for Celestial Pearl Productions (which is now an LLC). I’m in a much calmer and healthier state of mind these days, thanks to both cannabis & antidepressants working together for my health. Yes, I still deal with my depression every day, but it is getting easier. I’m getting along better with my managers at work, so that I am productive and happy at the same time. It is nice having a steady work schedule that I can count on. My personal relationships are going well, domestically and romantically. I’ve been hanging out with G on most Wednesdays, usually out to a mom-and-pop’s restaurant and then hanging out around one of the many lakes in Lakewood. I do miss E, but he’s doing well it seems, getting into trading/marketing, which sounds like fun.

I’m focusing on my dreams and clarifying what I want in my future, trying to obtain a baseline modus operandi. My creative flow from inception to product is still majorly blocked, but I am chipping away at that block and I shall prevail! My creative drive is at an all-time high, but I’m short on energy to fuel it & the focus to carve it. I am also studying fine art techniques and color theory to improve what artistry I do have. I have been reading and studying a lot; it feels so nice to take my education into my own hands. These days I’m feeling wistful, meditative, and adorable. I have been calm, happy, going with the flow, and feeling quite hopeful.

I am looking forward to Halloween as well as autumn in general. I love it when the leaves change different colors on the trees all over Colorado. I also can’t wait for Suicide Squad to come out on Blu Ray. Recently I have purchased a new winter work coat and some Disney-themed mermaid princess onesie pyjamas. I love them both, although it is not quite cold enough to really wear them yet. I have determined that Pumpkin Cheerios are good, but not as great as Strawberry Cheerios. Keebler’s Simply Made chocolate chip cookies are still da bomb and I like them more than Oreos now.


Wheel of Philosophy, turn, turn, turn! Tell us a lesson that I have learned:

♦ Everything is all right, so take it easy.
♦ Shoot for the moon & swing from a star!
♦ Don’t belong to anyone but yourself.
♦ Never let the bastards get you down.
♦ Hang with the best & fuck the rest!


such a beautiful song by Celine Dion

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