Affirmations: Solve & Coagula

Date: September 3rd, 2016

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*The following text was previously published on Project Zeitgeist prior to the database hack of July 2016*

What I know for certain, at least for now...

I am an anarchist. I believe in freedom, personal sovereignty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe in living life without rulers. I believe in the words “Live and let live”. I believe we all have our personal power and personal joy that we should constantly strive to align with. I don't believe in practicing conformity or striving for world peace.

I am the Devil's advocate. I follow what may be termed “the left-hand path”. I have always resonated with the concept of Satan as a deity, as I know what it feels like to be a good person who is misunderstood and then cast in a bad light. I don't believe that lists of right and wrong exist in the natural world but rather I believe that we are meant to be guided by our own impulses that come from within us. I believe these impulses are natural and will never lead us astray so long as we do not betray ourselves.

I am a solitary Witch. I am a preistess to the Universe. I strive to follow my intuition (my own natural impulses, internal directives, my conscience, etc.) and to cause desired change in the world. I seek out the ways of Nature and strive to align with them throughout my life. I want to know if there is a God or Gods, and I want to know what they are like. I happily and naturally reach for excellence. I adore esotericism and consume it voraciously. I read all the time. I am incessantly pensive. I believe God is electromagnetism, and electricity is consciousness. I care about the global community of planet Earth and remind myself often that happy communities are composed of happy individuals. I should be a happy individual if I want to have a positive contribution to humanity's story.

I believe in knowledge and wisdom for the purpose of self-actualization. I believe in education and, more importantly, self-education. I believe people have a natural desire to know good things, meaning to know that things are actually good, and I think this is essential to have a good life. I constantly strive to better understand and operate within our perpetually expanding Universe.

I am a psychonaut. I love my mind and I love to spend my time exploring it. I love mind-altering substances and practices and I believe that humans should use them. I believe that psychoactive drugs are boons to humanity. Hallucinogens help us easily explore our naturally limitless potential as individuals having purely subjective experiences. It is sublime.

I am a material girl. I love the physical world and I believe our senses are meant to enhance our experience here on the physical plane. I believe sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies achievable. I believe in free love. I believe in the enjoyment of material prosperity, and in the infinite eternal nature of the ever-created material world. I am also extremely comfortable on the abstract planes. I do not deny the existence of the nonphysical, but rather strive to understand it, understanding that all of physical comes from nonphysical. It is my current understanding that the nonphysical is electricity, which is Universal Consciousness. This then would mean that the physical world is the result of interactions of electricity. This is how it is that life is pure creative energy. Creativity is the natural order of the Universe.

I believe one's birthday is divine. I believe one's body is divine. One's atoms are literally God in the flesh. I believe one's thoughts move the atoms of the Universe. I believe it is good and righteous to follow your passion; in fact, it is what your God has always wanted.

I believe that, on a much more fundamental level than the average person is used to dealing with, all humans have in common a core energy that drives us in every moment to desire to feel better in the next moment than we did in the last. Once it's all said and done, at the end of each day, we are still made of the same materia stars are made of. We are Divine. And Divinity is sublime.

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