A Devotion To Truth

Date: July 1st, 2023 3:09 PM

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I designed Celestial Pearl Productions to be like me: in the world, but not of the world. I didn't want this enterprise, which is devoted to the recognition & understanding of Truth, to be overshadowed by any particular dogma-- religious, political, philosophical, or secular. Taking the totality of being into consideration is very important to me, and I don't want these considerations to be limited in any way by others, lest my search for wisdom be spoiled. I have no formal funding for my scholarship-- it's a labor of love and curiosity, funded entirely by my own paychecks. I very much enjoy reading, so performing lots of research and owning lots of books comes rather naturally to me. Doing so keeps me sane in this crazy world. I try to take everything I encounter with that proverbial grain of salt, remembering that everything we see and seem could be a dream within a dream. According to Occam's Razor I try to approach life with only a single assumption: "Anything's Possible", or "Anything Goes". Whenever I perform research I always consider where all of the information I'm taking in is coming from: professional news organizations, peer-reviewed journals, opinionated social media posts & comments of unhappy laypeople, my own personal real-life experience... there are endless places where information comes from, and I try to take it all into account even as I zoom in and focus on the details of our world's story one piece at a time. Even information from the darkest and most obscure corners of our world are immensely useful to us in our quest to understand it, and that's why I'll always be interested in ALL of the stories rather than being content with knowing just a few of them.

I feel that being a good scholar means being aware of ALL the voices, including the ones spreading false information. Because while the information may be false, what IS true is that the falsehoods are being spread by SOMEONE and more people than we would like to admit are happy to gobble it all up. I need to understand why this is so. I not only need to know what the facts actually are, I need to know what other people believe the facts are-- because ultimately, I do not live in a bubble, and the facts or non-facts that other people believe will always affect me in some way, shape or form. Jesus Christ may not have walked on water, but his followers BELIEVE he did, and that belief informs all sorts of things from the way people vote to the way they raise their kids to the way they conduct their business and the way they approach other populations.

I've been reading more ancient texts besides just the christian bible in recent years; a large book of gnostic resources sits upon my shelf, I've been graced by the Tao Te Ching in both literary and audible formats, the Zohar and several more ancient texts are currently saved for later in my Amazon cart awaiting eventual purchase. Why bother reading so many different texts? Because I believe there are cores of truth hiding in every corner and on every level of our Multiverse; in all the brightest and the darkest and the bleakest of places, there is always an opportunity for one to get to know It better. Additionally, knowing how other people have and continue to speak of their knowledge of the Divine helps me understand how to craft my own language when speaking of my own knowledge of Divinity. In my hopes to be understood by other people (a selfish & rather foolish desire, I know), it certainly helps to know what language people are already familiar with when expressing my own ideas to them.

Why IS the Truth so important to me? It's important to me that I am capable of discerning the differences between reality and fantasy, between truth and lies, because I personally cannot afford to be fooled by anyone ever again, for any reason at all. If I cannot tell the difference between someone telling me the truth and someone telling me a lie, then I have no basis for understanding anything about this world I've found myself within, and I might as well be a slave to someone else's understanding of the world. I might as well go mad & be locked up in an oubliette somewhere. I CANNOT afford to allow either of those things to happen. I NEED to remain the most dominant force in my own life, I NEED to remain as free as possible from the influences of others, and I can only do that with an accurate basis of understanding of information & how it affects me. I can only do that if I know the Truth.

It cannot be bought, and it cannot be given. It can only be recognized and understood via life experience.

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