Money: Evil, Or Only The Love Of It?

Date: October 23rd, 2020 10:30 PM

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Money itself may not be evil, but it is undoubtedly used all the time to make all kinds of evil things happen in our world. It is fair to say that these things could not have happened without money enabling them into reality. I contend that money is more evil than not evil, given the whole of human experience. It has become all too easy for people to put on a show and/or create a false reality just for the sake of making money, and it has resulted in making a global mess of everything human-related. Those who come to love money start to believe less and less in their own flaws and more and more in their own perfection, and those who don't have money become, in the eyes of those who love money, less and less worthy of wealth and more and more worthy of criticism. Those who realize they've been swindled by the shows and the false realities are left feeling betrayed in a world that doesn't really care about them unless they have money to spend. And most people don't have money to spend, because money (and the people who love it) only values a subset minority of the human population, not the entire human population. Money is not driven by reason, it is driven by desire, and only the most deluded people in the world can make themselves forget or turn a blind eye to the evil desires humans have that money enables. The greater the love of money, the less the love of people. History and current events have proven this over and over again, not science.

So is money evil, or is the love of money evil? I say, assuming evil exists then both of them cannot be divorced from evil, because the love of money is what makes money become evil over time.

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