When The World Is Dark

Date: May 26th, 2020 8:30 PM

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Dark Lucifer & Dark Jubilee


When the world is dark, as it is now
Order and chaos invert themselves.
Malaise rules the heart and the mind.
Parents use their children as crutches.
Governments go rogue with greed and corruption.
The spiritual ones lead people astray.
Everyone puts on a mask for the world.
Diseases rise up to challenge humankind.
People do what poisons them rather than heals them.
Fools find an opening and run amok on the Earth.
Those who would be allies turn against each other,
And those who would be friends do not see each other.
Everyone refuses to get along with those different from them.
No one is really listening to each other.
I alone stay in the center, I am alone in the eye of the storm.
But I know that time will change many things,
And one day the blessed sun will shine again.
Maybe not within this lifetime, but— soon.
There will be light within me now,
And that is what I cling to.

Tags: Poetry, Philosophy, Spirituality