All At Once

Date: April 12th, 2020 7:10 AM

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We are Nothing, and Something, All At Once.

Both the Nothing and the Something cannot Exist without the Other.

They are Infinitely close yet They never really touch, except when They do.

They are the Rational and the Irrational, the Visible and the Invisible, the Black and the White, the Alpha and the Omega.

Who are we, then, but a Dream version of Their materialization?

All Things That Exist, exists within us Now.

That which we call Reality, is also that which we call Deity.

The God of Abraham, is the part of God that lies to Itself.

Look all around you— either All Is Full Of Divinity, or all is devoid of It.

We find which is true in the same way Schrödinger's cat is discovered to be alive or dead, or even dying.

There is a tendency for Nature to achieve Perfect Balance at all times via any means necessary.

There are Infinite ways, yet only one Tao, as the Universe exists as 'One God, Many Forms'.

Even those full of shit may be useful for planting fields of food that will nourish millions and more.

There is 'good' and 'evil' in All Things Material; Infinite Potential for both 'good' and 'evil' exist in All Things Material.

Those who are 'good' within this Dimension are 'evil' within another.

There are Infinite Dimensions, yet only one Dreamer, as the Dreamer Exists within Infinite Forms, making us Something rather than Nothing.

When our Dream ends, we become Nothing, nothing that we can conceive: we cannot conceive Them because They have passed The Veil, beyond which we cannot yet in this point of our Evolution conceive on our own, as if through a Black Hole, never to be seen again in That Form.

When our Dream Ends, we— the water in teacups— will Return to the Source from where we came before Our Conception: the Great Ocean.

Our Bodies will eventually Decompose, yet our Consciousness Will Live Forever.

While Alive, our Thoughts, animated by our Soul, will animate the World in one Way...

When this teacup breaks, our Bodies, our Cells, our very Atoms will nourish the World in another Way...

There Is a Time and Place for Everything, a Dimension in which a Thing occurs, no matter what It Is.

We remain disconnected because to Know the Truth, hurts.

Many of our Fantasies will take many Lifetimes to achieve, although there is only 'Now'.

We are but Ghosts clothed in Atoms, all a part of the same strange Dream, with a Dreamer both Known And Unknown, a Dreamer Who Inhabits Every Particle Of All Things Material.

We shall come to know our Place in this World: we are the Cells Of Deities, as much a part of Them as our own Cells are Parts Of Us.

This same strange Dream Begets, Maintains, and Destroys Us All.

Tags: Metaphysics, Ontology, Philosophy, Meditations, Spirituality