Moonlight Love Voxel Diorama

Date: November 9th, 2019

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love at first sight voxel art

Moonlight Love as seen in MagicaVoxel

I have a lot of stories, places, and many characters in my mind. Lately I'm enjoying using voxel art to give them a tangible form I can share with the world, just little bits of concept art using a digital medium completely new to me. This voxel diorama is called "Moonlight Love", and represents the first moment these two characters meet in person. Their names are LUMINA, princess of the Crescent Moon (the girl in white on the left) and MYSTERIA, princess of the Dark Side Of The Moon (the girl in red on the right).

Mysteria grows up with no idea of her royal blood or of the terrible curse prophesied by a well-respected oracle to possess her upon her 16th birthday. Lumina, on the other hand, has grown up as royalty with extensive training in the deadly arts as the princess who is destined to slay her before she destroys the physical universe with the powers granted by the sudden curse. No one knows where the curse will come from or how it will manifest, as the original oracle died one thousand years ago, but on the night of Mysteria's birth she is identified by the local sorceress as the one destined to destroy everything in the physical universe. And so she was hidden from the world, and called by another name, and forced to conceal the mandala-shaped birthmark upon her chest identifying her as a vessel for evil. When Lumina finally tracks her down a year before her 16th birthday, she is determined to assassinate Mysteria as quickly as possible without causing her pain... but somehow everything changes the moment they first make eye contact. Neither of them expected to fall in love at first sight, but that puts them both in a predicament of cosmic proportions: let the universe be destroyed or lose your one true love. Both will cause heartache to these lovely heroines, but the fate of the physical world hangs in the balance and a choice must be made. That is basically the premise of their love story.

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