Those Who Killed George Floyd Should Pay With Their Lives

Date: May 29th, 2020 7:50 AM

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I was feeling deeply upset about the premature death of George Floyd and made this video on the fly this morning. I just had to say something.

George Floyd did not deserve to die, especially not at the hands of corrupt police officers. America is rife with a social sickness I have noticed all of my life, but until recent years I had no idea of the true scope of this malady’s unequal destruction of people of color, and particularly Black people. I never knew the social rot ran so very deep, but I see it very clearly now. Another innocent and unarmed Black man is dead because police officers did not respect his life, and nothing can be done to bring him back. I'm no longer connected to social media but I still keep up with the news, and I see the response of the people: they are deeply hurt, upset, and angry, they truly want justice and are at their wits end trying to manifest it. I hurt for them. I hurt for George’s family & friends. I hurt for George. I hurt for every Black person who doesn’t feel safe in America. My heart is with THEM-- not with the government, not with the murder squad, not with their apologists. George Floyd joins a long list of Black people who did not ever, ever deserve to die at the hands of police officers. A few of their names spring to my mind now, but there are still so many more of them I am not aware of. I may not mingle much with people in general anymore (or even like them), but I still care about them every day and I want them to thrive. It sits heavy on my heart knowing that my Black brothers & sisters are continuously treated so shamefully.

There is really only one way we can have justice and a lasting chance for peace now: the police officers who have killed innocent Black people should pay with their own lives. The only honor they can ever attain now is in their voluntarily giving themselves up to the administration of justice by the people, trading their own lives for the ones they have stolen from humanity and thereby restoring some peace and balance to the world. Without justice, there can be no true and lasting peace.

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