Favorite Things About 2019

Date: February 16th, 2020 1PM

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Anastasia Valentine surrounded by stars

new social media profile picture I made for 2019... this is one of my favorite pictures of myself. I took this selfie right after purchasing my new MacBook Pro, so that's why I'm glowing with happiness.

I found the list I made of my favorite things about 2019, and even though January is over I'd like to publish it now while the year is still young. None of it is in any particular order, and plenty of these things are things that I do all the time anyways. But it's nice to remember the things we did that we enjoyed... they're more likely to turn into habits that way.

  • ombré & gradients
  • Dr. Teal's epsom salt body wash
  • Califia almond milk coffee
  • Mezzetta sweet basil & whole garlic tomato sauce from Italy
  • golden decor
  • shiny, glittery, holographic things
  • day of the dead pattern shirts
  • form-fitting jeans & leggings
  • simple yet fancy drop earrings worn daily
  • octopus appreciation
  • Mongolian beef & orange chicken
  • aromatherapeutic plant-based cleaning supplies
  • natural deodorant
  • Pacifica perfumes
  • Rick & Morty comic books & five episodes of a new season
  • good times with Q
  • Milano cookies
  • caramel & vanilla
  • eucalyptus & mint essential oil combo
  • burning candles that smell good
  • daydreaming freely
  • Squishmallows stuffed animals
  • rainbows
  • new Apple products
  • getting money!
  • watching marvel movies
  • solitude & emotional independence
  • setting up seasonal sections in a department store with work buddies (particularly enjoyed Halloween & Christmas)
  • Lizzo!!! “Cuz I Love You” album
  • my subscription to YouTube music
  • the Affinity Photo app
  • Magicavoxel & creating voxel art
  • watching YouTube videos about how to make video games
  • playing Cuphead, Tales Of Destiny yet somehow still not beating either game
  • watching Lucy & Medusa play and cuddle together
  • soft, dusty pink & rose colors, rose gold
  • high buns, hair clips & wide headbands
  • “what the shit is this shit?” said literally every day
  • banana walnut granola & bread
  • sipping tea, coffee & hot cocoa in tranquility
  • rosemaling
  • high definition nature photography
  • seeing unicorns, mermaid cats,unicats, llamas, narwhals & sloths in department store merchandise
  • access to adobe creative cloud suite
  • watching the sunrise shine over the Rocky Mountains

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