Sleeping Beauty: Alternative Ending

Date: September 6th, 2016

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She pricked her finger on the spinning wheel's spindle, and the evil fairy's spell was cast. That's the story legends gave as to the origins of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, a palace hidden deep in the forests where the entire kingdom was said to be asleep. However, it was difficult for anyone to verify this since the entire castle was sheltered from the world by a dense forest of venomous thorny trees.

And yet, one particularly brave royal prince managed to make it through alive, and he entered the castle. Everyone really had fallen asleep right in their spots, but the prince was determined to find Sleeping Beauty herself. Finally he found her in the highest tower, sleeping peacefully on a velvet bed.

He could hardly believe that he had found the mystery princess to be as young after 150 years of slumber as she was on the day she fell asleep. She was so beautiful, he could not help himself but gave her a tender kiss right on the middle of her forehead. Then something unexpected happened - the sleeping princess yawned deeply, stretched her arms and embraced him fondly, so that he was compelled to lay down beside her on the bed. She snuggled against him and held him close, smiling sweetly as though she were finally pleased. The prince fell in love with her right then and there, held her close, and closed his eyes, smiling sweetly.

The rest of the kingdom awakened from the evil fairy's spell, and at once the King and Queen rushed to the tower to protect their daughter. They found her slumbering softly along with her newfound prince, and decided to leave them be, as they seemed to be sharing the same good dream.

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