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January 2020
Happy New Year 2020
Crystal Clear Resonance Airwaves: Old Favorites For A New Year
Things Are Changing...Again.
Peekaboob Power
Cold Case Closed
Occupy Yourself: Not Politics
Meditating Upon The Truth About Reality


February 2020
Recent Second Life Adventures
My Life
I Wore Makeup Today


March 2020
Little Life Windows
Spring Equinox 2020


April 2020
Recent Second Life Adventures: Elsa In Wonderland
Happier Together: Anjie and Lucille Marie
All At Once
My Life: Novel Coronavirus, Tranquil Comfort, & Confessions of a Death Fetishist


May 2020
Meditating Upon The Truth About Reality: The Physical & Non-Physical
Genesis and Exodus
God Flow
Fur Babies
When The World Is Dark
Those Who Killed George Floyd Should Pay With Their Lives


June 2020
The Fantastic Universe Of Anjie Zealand: Act 5 [Surprise! This Is Awkward...]


September 2020
My Life: September 2020


October 2020
Occupy Yourself: Politics Are Poison
My Latest Great Questions
A Possible Material Explanation For Deities
It's Crazy Out There
Did You Know?: Laws Of Thought Version
Money: Evil, Or Only The Love Of It?
Laws Of Thought Or Merely Guidelines?
Laws, Or Merely Guidelines?


November 2020
Big U-niverse or Little u-niverse? Split The Diff?
Election Cycle Blues
My Life Before Zero: November 2020 Reminiscence
A Singularly Plural Life