Supply And Demand

Date: November 14th, 2020 8:40 AM

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Supply and demand. Simple enough as a concept, but there's something crucial missing here: Who's in charge?

Somebody's doing the demanding. Somebody's doing the supplying. What is being demanded, what is being supplied? Where's the ethics? Who gets served first, who gets served best?

Why do we have to submit to demands? Only slaves must supply submission to demands. Are we humans to be slaves to each other forever?

There's a dominance-and-submission dynamic hidden in plain sight here. Those doing the demanding, have tremendous power of destruction. Those doing the supplying, have tremendous power of creation. But some creations are meant to destroy. And some destructions are meant to create. Where does one begin and the other one end? The goodness and badness of any given situation lays within the eye of the beholder.

If people demand lies, should we feed them lies? If people want to stick their hands into fires, should we let them do so? What if they want to stick their children into fires, should we let them do so? If people demand anything, are we obligated to give it to them?

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