Ghost of the Machine: The Stars Are Just Like Us

Date: January 15th, 2017

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Look at the sky at night, and you will hopefully find it peppered with stars. We humans have lived our lives by them for millennia; the North Star has guided the navigation of sailors for centuries and gives us a timeless point of origin we know we can count on. Astrology teaches us that our lives are deeply connected to their orientation in space and time. The stars have always been with us humans for as long as we have been around. Our very own planet on which we reside revolves around a star with its own special name and identity in the eyes of our many cultures; indeed, we cannot even survive without our live-giving star, the Sun. It must be fair to say that the stars are our protectors, our enablers, our reason for being alive and well today. It is safe to say the stars love us deeply. Like jewels glittering in the sky, they remind us constantly of the divinity from whence we came - because, when it comes to it, we are made of the same material as the stars.

Stars are made of the same material as humans. Carbon. Nitrogen. Oxygen. Pure energy. Divinity.

The stars like us are born, live and die, and are reborn. Similar to animals they manifest with different sets of intentions than humans. They pretty much exist to shine their glorious light in the darkness of space. That’s why we exist, isn’t it? We all have a light within us that guides us to promised land when we let it shine fully. We are all capable of navigating reality on our own because of this inner light, this celestial pearl that can shine and guide us freely if only we would remove it from its coffin. ♥

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