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September 2016
Entry Zero
Alice In Wonderland: Stars In The Forest
Affirmations: Solve & Coagula
Ursuline Tales 01: Invasion
Sleeping Beauty: Alternative Ending
From Pieces To Weight: The Senses Of Valentine's Syncretism
Ursuline Tales 02: Mind Fuck
Occupy Yourself
The Circuit
My Life
Ursuline Tales 03: This Means War; Act 1 of 2
Complicated Woman
I Can Still Recall What Artistic Freedom Tastes Like
Ursuline Tales 03: This Means War; Act 2 of 2
Enter Heaven Alive
Meditations: My Own Creativity, Patterns And Psychic Diamonds


October 2016
Ursuline Tales 04: Saint Became A Lush
The Teaset And The Rosebush
Loneliness, A Poem From Another Lifetime
Introducing Rosie And Rockette
Haiku Poems
The Dream Of Earth's Creation


November 2016
Occupy Yourself: Better
What Now? Half Of America Elected A Bigot, And...
Next To You, A Poem
Come Together, A Poem


December 2016
Living In The Presence Of Spirits
My Life: Dreams, Plans And Happy Twitter Rants
The 1st Post: REINCARNATION, A Re-Post Of PZ's Original First Entry
Ten Years And A Million Reasons