The Dream Of Earth's Creation

Date: October 22nd, 2016

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*The following entry was previously published on Project Zeitgeist prior to the database hack of July 2016*


Once upon a time, when I was only ten years old
I dreamt I flew among the stars and saw the Gods of lore
Dancing upon planet's rings adorned in cloaks of gold
Alive with masks and gloves and an invisible core
Around them every star ablaze was very brightly shining
Showering all with every wish for true love with their starlight
Since every God and every Goddess within their hearts were pining
So that they danced within the grace of ancient souls that night.
Before eternity had passed they gathered en masse on the shore
Into the waters melting within their lovely communion
Golden cloaks and gloves a-floating yet I saw them no more
T'was the sacred fate of their most singular reunion.
This sweet dream that I am praising - I can say it was amazing.


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Tags: Poetry