Haiku Poems

Date: October 19th, 2016

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         THE PROMISE
It's not so easy
Sometimes when you hurt inside
But you'll make it through.


         NO FEAR
There is not a death
In the world that frightens you,
Only thoughts of pain.


The sweet and mundane
Of the things I've seen before -
Melancholy strikes.


If I am so free,
Why do these thoughts chain me so?
'Tis a conundrum.


A gift of pearls vexed
The mermaid princess longing
For dry desert rocks.


There is an insight
When you stop long enough to
Find your inner peace.


The flowers are pink
And the leaves are green as grass,
Where your grave is kept.


It was not until
I met you when I learned that
We exist to shine.


Goodbye and Farewell,
I won't miss you at all,
Said Cinderella.

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